May 15

9:00-17:00Company Tour

※Registration is required

(About the Company Visit registration, it reached its limit of 200 people, so we have closed the registration. From now on, the delegates who newly make a payment will be on the waiting list.)


19:00-21:00Welcome reception at GRANADA SUITE

We aim to increase the momentum for the G20 YEA summit beginning with the promotion of Kyushu’s charm starting with promoting Kyushu's excitement by disseminating the charm and its excitement to promote future human and economic exchanges. In addition, we rented out GRANADA SUITE and set up a booth where you can feel the atmosphere of the city and experience special products and cultural experiences from the Kyushu area.

May 16

Place: ACROS Fukuoka

8:00-9:00 Registration & Morning coffee

At the 2nd basement

9:00-9:30 Opening ceremony

■ Opening Speech
Motohiko Goto, President of G20 YEA Japan

■ Address
Takeaki Kamata, President of Junior Chamber International Japan

■ Guest speech

■ Opening Activity

Koki Sugita: Calligrapher, Artist
He was born in Miyazaki prefecture in 1983 and studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Kagoshima University. He became interested in Calligraphy when he was in the University and started researching about WA (the Japanese spirit of harmony). He is active both in and outside Japan, but he is based in Fukuoka. He won the Metropolitan Empire Award in 2017 in New York City and had an art exhibition in Tobu Funabashi in 2019. His works are collected in Hilton Hotels, Van Cleef & Arpels, various museums in the United States, Enoshima Shrine, and Kanzeon-ji Temple. Currently he works on art projects and development of a “Wa”brand.

9:30-10:45 Keynote by “A sustainable society created by XR technology”

Talk section presented by
Takato Utsunomiya(The Pokemon Company)

about Takato Utsunomiya

Rihito Hatoyama(Hatoyama Soken Corporation)

about Rihito Hatoyama

With the corporate philosophy of, "enriching both the real world and the virtual world through the existence of Pokemon”. Mr. Hatoyama, the former director of Sanrio, draws out his secrets for surviving as a moderator and Mr. Utsunomiya's techniques for sustaining the Pokemon brand.

11:15-12:15 Keynote by “Imagining a responsible path to the post-digital age”

presented by Armen Ovanessoff (Accenture)

In the imagination economy world, we entrepreneurs need to consider about what is going to happen in the future and how we are going to deal with it. With the changing times, we also need to consider untapped job markets and how we can uncover new job opportunities and markets. You should concentrate on finding "work you do not have". Examine "Who is doing what you are doing now," in a field similar to yours, and if there are others who are likely to compete with you, think about the value you could add to your field and learn about future strategies to better yourself.

about Armen Ovanessoff

12:15-13:30 Lunch & Pitching Session

Moderator: Sara Roversi

Juries: Mack Ramachandran / Masa Fukata / Hiromi Kawamura / Victor Wang

about Masa Fukuta


13:30-14:30 “The business environment of Kyushu and the appeal of investment in Japan”

Session by Kyushu Bureau of Economic Industry International Standards Research Division

We will showcase the charm of Kyushu through videos and demonstrate Kyushu’s appeal and its various regional resources such as industry, technology, education, research institutions, human resources, cuisine etc by through a presentation.

14:30-15:30Keynote by "Survival strategy of super AI era”

Special Talk by Yoichi Ochiai

about Yoichi Ochiai

15:30-16:15Pitch contest evaluation

16:15-16:45Keynote 『Revolutionary in 2030』

Special Talk by Ai Hasegawa

about Ai Hasegawa


18:00-21:00Network Banquet at Hotel Okura

We will encourage interaction between participating delegates and Japanese (Fukuoka) delegates by providing a place where business partnerships can be made.

May 17

Place: ACROS Fukuoka

8:00-9:00Registration & Morning Coffee

9:00-9:45Special talk, “ Everyone can be a creator with technology ”

Special Talk by Shunsuke Nakamura(Shikumi design)

about Shunsuke Nakamura

9:45-10:00Introducing the new G20 YEA Network Partner AIJA: Short presentation by Xavier Costa, the President of AIJA

AIJA is the only global association devoted to lawyers and in-house counsel aged 45 and under. Since 1962 AIJA provides outstanding international opportunities for young lawyers to network, learn and develop.

10:00-10:45Keynote by “Your Dreams and My Dreams”

Special Talk by Federico Llamas Vidales

about Federico Llamas Vidales

10:45-11:45Changing the Measures for Startups for Long Term Value by EY

Can changing the way we measure value help start-ups focus on the long term? The Embankment Project for Inclusive Capitalism explores this question for leading global companies and we will explore this for start-ups in this panel. The current financial metrics for determining value don’t always capture the value of a company especially with a start-up. The panel will discuss other non-financial metrics for talent, innovation, environment and corporate governance and how these metrics can create and determine value in the long term for start-ups.

Embankment Project for Inclusive Capitalism


12:45-14:00Keynote『 The imagination creates energy 』

Special Talk by Koji Karaike(Kyushu railway company)

about Koji Karaike

14:15-15:15F*ck Up Session

15:30-16:00Breakout session by JCI Japan

16:00-16:30Communique Session

16:30-17:00Torch Pass

17:00-17:30Closing Remarks

19:00-25:00Farewell Reception at the GRANDMIRAGE

After all programs have concluded on the event’s last day, you cab deepen your new friendships with delegates by eating drinking, and dancing. This is a great opportunity for business networking.